Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Operating a business can become an intricate legal process which includes real property. While dealing with buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, developers, or investors, potential and actual lawsuits can arise for businesses of all types and sizes. Your business will require professional and efficient assistance in the prosecution or defense of disputes involving your real property including development of commercial transactions, land permitting, use and zoning, private/public joint ventures, partnership structuring, and many of the other legal complexities that develop for businesses.

Timothy B. Broderick has extensive knowledge and skills in various real property litigation matters, and he is determined to successfully and efficiently represent you. Broderick Saleen has a proactive and professional approach, and will help you achieve the ideal results in your real estate needs.

Construction Litigation

Construction litigation consists of many complex issues that arise as a result of defective and neglectful design or workmanship as well as disputes between contractors. This can disrupt the flow of business and have a detrimental effect on the project at hand.

At Broderick Saleen, we are prepared to ardently defend your case. Mr. Broderick is an experienced negotiator who will work diligently to achieve the most positive outcome for your business.

Contacting A Business Lawyer in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area

Do you have a real estate or construction matter that you would like to consult an experienced attorney about?  Contact us today for a courtesy consultation regarding your situation.   At Broderick Saleen, our attorneys have extensive experience with various aspects of real estate and construction disputes and are ready to help you.

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