Personal Injury and Wrongful Death by Car Accidents

Auto accidents come suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in critical and life-altering changes.  Victims are forced to deal with painful injuries, unmanageable medical claims, loss of income and emotional distress.  Even though your personal injury is a result of the physical or psychological harm as a result of the accident, little empathy is offered for the victim’s difficult economic and personal losses.  Many victims are not even at fault in these accidents, yet law enforcement, insurance companies and other parties will work ardently to deny victims their right to adequate compensation. In cases of wrongful death, surviving family members are entitled to compensation of economic and non-economic losses; these may include loss of financial resources, as well as the love and care of the deceased.

At Broderick Saleen, victims do not have to go through difficult times alone.  Attorneys at Broderick Saleen are experienced and prepared to help you fully recover from your loss, fighting for the maximum amount of damages available under law. Broderick Saleen understands the grief and suffering that individuals experience as a result of the loss of a loved one.  Such grief and suffering is increased when the unexpected death of a loved one is a result of gross negligence. Broderick Saleen recognizes that these losses are extremely emotional and stressful, and our attorneys are determined to represent your case with commitment and sensitivity. Broderick Saleen will give you and your case personalized attention until your case is properly resolved.

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