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Palo Alto Defamation Lawyers

If you’ve been the victim of malicious attacks and defamation of character on the Internet, an Internet defamation lawyer can give you the advice you need to end the cyber defamation and restore your online reputation. An Internet defamation lawsuit can out even anonymous posters of online slander, and force them to stop. If you have any questions about pursuing such a lawsuit, take them to Broderick Saleen.

What is Cyber Defamation?

Cyber defamation occurs when people make slanderous, libelous or untrue, negative remarks about another person, public figure or corporation online. If this has happened to you, it can devastate your reputation and destroy all your hard work. Our Internet defamation lawyers know the law, and know how to help. Seek the advice of an Internet defamation lawyer at our firm to find out how to initiate an Internet defamation lawsuit against those who are defaming you.

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Cyber defamation is no joke. It destroys lives. If you’ve suffered due to online libel, an Internet defamation lawyer in our firm will advocate for your rights, even help you navigate an Internet defamation lawsuit. Call our firm today to get in touch with a qualified Internet defamation lawyer.